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Welcome to ELEVATE Family Martial Arts in Hillsboro, Oregon! We pride ourselves in being the only FAMILY based Mixed Martial Arts school in the area! No egos. No cage fighting. No blood! But what we do have is high quality, mixed martial arts training for the whole family! 

People love our energetic environment and friendly family atmosphere! You will too!  


We are an independently owned and operated martial arts school and we have been in business since 1999! We have been in the same Hillsboro location since February of 2001! Our martial arts master, Dan Haney, has been training and teaching martial arts since 1986! Happy 36th anniversary us! 


Testimonial from a parent:


"My child started his martial arts education nearly 8 years ago at Elevate in the Lil' Action Heroes program at age 5.  He is now a 2nd degree black belt and has developed self-discipline, a sense of respect, self esteem and teamwork. His confidence, increased fitness level and cooperation skills have benefited him with the academic and social aspects of school. Elevate has been an all-around excellent influence on him as he develops into an adult.  There is no doubt that a martial arts education is just as important as an academic education. 


I searched for the best martial arts school for my child for months; visiting a different school several times a week and Elevate Hillsboro is exceptional.  What makes them different than other martial arts schools?


No high pressure sales.  They were the only school that did not require a contract to be signed on our first visit. Some schools offered a free “private” lesson; we could not even observe the class.  At Elevate Martial Arts, we were allowed to join classes until we were comfortable with our decision to join. We were not required to purchase hundreds of dollars of sparring gear when we signed up.  We were not pressured at all.  It was clear the goal there was not about money or membership; it is about my child and his martial arts training.


My son can be the martial artist he is.  The opportunities are available to take your martial arts training to the level you desire.  This aspect as proven to be the most successful part for my child.  His achievements and ranks have come from attending regular classes and some private lessons here and there.  However, they offer much more than that.  Fitness classes, weapons classes, tricking and kicknastics, performance teams, leadership classes, and seminars taught by outside martial arts masters.  As my child grows in his martial arts, they will be ready for him.


You become family.  They care.  They care about their students and their success.  Yes, that is what a good teacher does however; it is much more than that.  Every instructor, student, and family member encourages, inspires, and supports every student.  This sense of family extends beyond the Hillsboro school to the entire Ernie Reyes association, even at the very top.  We experienced this at the black belt test when Kjn Tony Thompson took care of my son as if he were his own.  My son is not a monthly membership, he is not a paycheck, he is a member of the Elevate family.


Mindset.  One of the biggest benefits from martial arts is the psychological part.  It is important that my child learns self defense and the training at Elevate has taught him not only physical self defense skills but also mental self defense skills; something he will use far more often in his life.  As my son experiences life, he will take hits.  Those hits could include something physical, mental or a disappointment.  Martial arts has taught him how to best take those hit and get back up.  There are no tough guys.  Confidence and respect for others comes from a deep sense of self-knowledge.


Thank you Elevate Martial Arts.  Thank you Kjn Dan Haney."


-- Jennifer Adams



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